Learn everything there is to know about operating a tax service business including IRS tax reform policy, expenses, deductions, IRS letters, sample tax refunds, business tax, operational forms-how to deal with customers, and how to apply techniques e.g. tax law updates.

  • You will learn about the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and how to use the Federal withholding.
  • Unlimited Online or email support and 12 Months Access to the INW Private Tax Consultant’s Help desk area of advanced strategies.
  • Name displayed in the directory
  • Digital Tax Repair Training materials, Study Guide and Audio Files (downloadable)
  • Additional Guide to Starting A Tax Business manual
  • Discount on Tax Software
  • Learn how to and educate your client’s on tax advantages.
  • Tax Preparation Training
  • Marketing Information/ coaching via our help desk
  • Certified Tax Consultant (CTC) Exam & Certification Fee included ($99)
  •  4 attempts to pass CTC exam (included in the package)
  • Digital Certificate on all versions. Printed version are available.
  • Instant downloads and Test Exams orders are manually processed approved and sent directly to your email.
  • You can purchase a coaching phone support plan later.
  • You can purchase the Tax Guide for Beginners Handbook ($39) Regularly ($79)
  • 12  months Membership to the IWT


November, December, January 2021 – Houston, TX


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Certified Tax Classes – Houston, TX


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Expert instructors, hands-on experience, one-on-one instruction. It’s all par for the course.


  • Tax theory
  • Current tax laws and filing practices
  • Step–by–step skills to prepare tax returns
  • Client communication skills and techniques
  • Total class time is 72 hours


  • Interactive, professional discussions
  • One–on–one instructor assistance
  • Hands-on experience with the latest tax software
  • Real-world tax preparation exercises
  • ebook course materials in English and Spanish


  • InWorks Tax Services Certification
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Qualifying Education Hours







What you will learn:

You will learn the entire tax preparation process from how to handle your first client to resolving tax issues.

  1. Learn all components of basic tax law.
  2. Learn how to report inaccurate information to the internal revenue service (IRS).
  3. Learn the proper legal operating parameters of tax services professionals.
  4. Learn what individual states tax services laws.
  5. Locate and verify information in the IRS database.
  6. Recognize privacy laws and their impact on the tax industry.
  7. We will teach you methods of acquiring tax reports, free and otherwise.
  8. You will have access to our help desk to search for specific issue and how to address them. As well as submit a ticket to one of our tax professionals for more insights.
  9. You will learn about personal finance management and how to set a budget
  10. You will learn how to analyze tax liabilities.
  11. You will learn methods for correcting mistakes and missing information.
  12. You will learn the do’s and don’ts of the Tax Preparer Service Organization.
  13. You will understand and define common tax terms.
  14. You will understand how to handle identity theft.






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